We’re located in an ordinary, safe and quiet neighborhood in the outskirts of central Zagreb, 15 minutes away by tram from the city center, as well as 15 minutes walking from the nature park ‘Grmošćica’, located on the foothills of Medvednica, the local mountain.



– from the main square ( Ban Jelačić square ) take trams 6 or 11
– from the main train or bus station take trams 2 or 6
– from the airport take a shuttle ( 5€ or 35kn ) that will take you to the main bus station

All trams must be taken in the direction of ČRNOMEREC. The tram ride will take 12-15 min from the main square. Your stop is the last one. When you get there, just keep walking on the left side of the street that the tram was driving on ( Ilica street ). After 400m, by Ilica nr. 275 turn left into Ivanićeva street and that’s it, you’ll see the hostel’s banner on the left after 50m.

The quickest way here is 7 minutes by local train from the main train station – take a local train direction ‘Zaprešić’, get off at station ‘Kustošija’ and you’re 400m from the hostel; paste the following url for precise directions into your browser: https://goo.gl/maps/1tmy7

We can arrange a taxi for you, just email us!

Edo will drive you back and forth,
he’s safe & reliable and offers down to earth prices:
– airport: 150 kn (other companies take 200+)
– train / bus station: 50 / 55 kn
other options possible of course but taximeter is used (it’s not rigged, as is usual :D)

USEFUL NOTE: Zagreb’s mainsquare has a free wi-fi bubble – go there, login and send us a message if you need help; you can use the social network page or the email address hostelzagreb@gmail.com

USEFUL NOTE #2: Travelers coming in from Budapest – the trainroute is in bad condition (since 2 years already, people report 6 hours waiting times, other delays and unpleasant stuff) – if you can, go for the buses, it will save you a *lot* of pain. Also, check the border/refugee situation, sometimes train traffic is blocked.