Welcome to the 7th year of Mali Mrak, one of the first hostels in Zagreb, traveler! Since we opened in 2007. and 20,000 guests later, the house has undergone countless transformations and upgrades. Now it’s considered a home for travelers from all over the world and an ongoing art/ambiance project, with the goal to offer a unique atmosphere in a simple, clean, cozy and very friendly environment and many additional activities that you can participate in if you wish so.

Besides the numerous things you can do here, we also gladly help to plan your trip on the Balkans, especially in Croatia of course. We can show you the secret places that are off the tourist mainstreams, suggest and arrange accommodations, where to find excellent food & wine (this goes especially for the coast) etc.

The basic philosophy of the hostel and the people that run it is very simple: as long as you show common sense and respect the house, the neighbors and everybody else who’s there, we are completely at your disposal with all our resources and knowledge. It is important to note that this is not a party hostel. That said, we invite you to take a tour of the site and see the specifics.

Kind regards,

Filip, Nika, Ivana & Igor