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Welcome, you've found the hidden website. Read through, it's short, your neurons should be able to handle it. Probably. Make sure this house is good for you because it's not a "everyone is welcome here" place, we don't tolerate tourist idiots and their ilk here.

Hail traveller, thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to Fati for convincing me to stop not giving a damn for not having a proper website :) I kinda still don't, but it is actually nice to have one, since on the corporate sites you can't use bad words like fuck and shit, you have to stick to fake crap politeness and that's not good enough.

So, back to you, traveller. If you want the fullest description and details, like facilities, options and opinions, please go to the Hostelworld page and read the text and the reviews, there's a couple of thousand comments, should be enough. Make sure you read the bad ones, the fluffy ones are really lovely, but the bad ones and replies will tell you many a thing. Don't be a jerk if you want to come here. In planar common, that means:

1. Know what it means to be clean (No, I don't mean travel stained. I've been hosting travellers for 16 years. We're talking basic hygienic habits. If you don't know how to properly piss, wash yourself or clean up after yourself, stay in redneck county please)

2. Boundaries and respect, for others, including the neighbours. The community that's visiting me here is, and that's on average, nothing if not short of amazing. Don't be in the 1%. Be average. Get it, cutter? Anyone disrespectful, (that includes idiot guys specifically trying to get girls drunk so they can get laid) regardless of gender, colour, religion, age etc. will be kicked out. We're obviously heading for a world-wide idiocracy, but I'll have none of that here.

3. Leave the PC bullshit and any other type of fakeness at home. It's not welcome here.

4. We make some really good GT here if the mood is right. Otherwise there are no rituals or schemes. Things happen when the chemistry between people is right, and that's the random factor. Or fate, whatever you prefer. No drinking games, no pub crawls, I'll leave that part to the hostel industry, not happening here.

5. Was this a bit too much for you? Too blunt? Good, it's important to find a place that's good for YOU, keep on searching until you find what you're looking for.

Thanks for visiting,


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