Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Hostel Mali Mrak in Zagreb

From 2007, when oppened, our hostel was visited by more or less 15 000 guests from all around the world.

To vizualize this impressive number see how many pins we collected during the last five years of existence.
The photo is taken only of European section of the huge world’s map hanging in front of the reception desk.

Just Europe

pins are indicating the places where our guests were coming from

In 5 years , since we have been opened, we gained invaluable experience and insights.

Right now it’s time for us reevaluate and move forward.
Check our new Facebook page and tell us
how do you like our new web site.
what information do you need before planing your travel.
what else would you like to know about our property and about Zagreb and Croatia.


Mali Mrak hostel is situated in the quiet outskirts of central Zagreb, conveniently located along well known and easy to find Ilica street.

It is very easy to find us.

If you arrive by the train, come out of the station and cross the tram track, than wait for the tram number 2 (or 6 for a longer journey).  The direction of  the tram is  ČRNOMEREC.   Then come off at the last stop, which is the terminus, continue to walk  in the same direction as the tram would go, cross to the left side of the street. After the big crossroad (on your way you will see several banks and ATM machines, use them if you need a local currency)  When you approach the crossroad, proceed 50 meters further, there is Ivaniceva street, where you should turn left.  (There is a bakery on the corner) First street on the right is Dubička street and the Hostel.

Landmark – Ilica, Zagreb, Croatia

Ilica street is one of the longest streets in Zagreb. The street is home to many shops and cultural sites and spans the entire western half of the city, from the Ban Jelačić Square in the city centre up to the Črnomerec district. The street is 6.4 km long, making it the third longest street in the city.

Prikaz veće karte


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